Though you won't find a dead link anywhere, this page still severely lacks any content. The PLEBO Company is still developing new and exciting content. Please add it to your favorites and come back later. PLEBO and its subsidiaries thank you for your patience in this matter, and look forward to serving you in the future.


At the close of this year's construction season and in preparation for the next, The PLEBO Company proudly announces the official launch of the PLEBO Masonry Division.

Last fourth of July the PLEBO Company celebrated the opening of its pyrotechnics division aptly named the PLEBO Pyrotechnics Division.

Currently, The PLEBO Company is working on several projects. The most anticipated of these is the development of the PLEBO Radio Division. The first station is set to be on-the-air just north of Monroe, MI next summer. Another high priority project underway is the redesigning of this site. Our team of web-designers are hard at work nearly 8 hours a day to complete this task. One of the lower priorities is the development of the PLEBO Films Division who's main project will be "Macbeth Revisited". If you would like to contribute funds towards one of these aims please click the "donate" button below.
--Thanks, The PLEBO Company: Projects Division